I am a 22 year old female former varsity cross country runner who recently moved to Calgary for work. Is there a specific way to join your training group or is it simply by drop in? Thanks!

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Hi! Join us anytime! Right now we are doing it by drop it - it’s free and all that good stuff. We just run together! :)

You can like us on Facebook and if you give me your e-mail I can add you to our list!


we run calgary!

I’m going to try to start this one off on a different note just to mix it up a bit. We really want to thank you again for your support. We really wouldn’t be doing this if nobody showed up on Sunday’s. Well, we probably would be, there would just only be 3 of us there. Again, thank you. 
NEXT WEDNESDAY CHRISTMAS PARTY. We are going to have some fun times! Wednesday December 12 we are going to meet at my house at 6:30PM (Lindsay’s), go for a quick run and then go to LDV for some pizza in Bridgeland. There is also gonna be some live music so it’s going to be AWESOME. I’m thinking we should also do a gift exchange. Keep it under 10$ and make it really funny. RSVP would be awesome. Just e-mail us here so we know how many people to expect.
Our run this coming Sunday is going to be a SURPRISE. We’ve talked a few times about doing a downtown run so we’re going to do it. I just ruined the surprise. Ryan and I have also talked about making a video for Calgary Natural High so I’m going to ride my bike and bring my camera(s) to get some video footage and photographs of everybody. I attached all 3 distances of routes starting out weaving through the downtown core. The more we stay together in the downtown part the better for the footage.  I’m also looking for a few people we can photograph / ask questions for the video. Any volunteers would be much appreciated. Dogs count. You can probably use it on your LinkedIn or something productive. We will meet on the corner of 4th ST and 25th AVE at 9AM (The Tech Shop).  
Tomorrow night is the big chili cook off at The Tech Shop! If you haven’t already RSVP’ed for it you can still shoot an e-mail off to calgary@thetechshop.ca. We will be going for a short run at 7PM then eating some chili! 
The contest is going super well! Thank-you to everybody that has voted. Looks like Heather is in the lead right now! 
We also got our sample shirts back this week - I sent an attachment of some photos I took of them today! They look pretty cool!
Also the New Balance store up North has offered us 20% on everything if you say you are a member of Calgary Natural High! Woo! :)
If you guys have any questions or anything feel free to let us know! 

We Run Calgary

Run dudes and dudettes,

At the risk of being extremely repetitive, I want to start this post by thanking you all for your overwhelming support. Lindsay and I are both extremely happy and amazed at the feedback this group has received. This just stands as a testament for a truth we all know, RUNNING IS COOL! (mainly because you runners are cool)

Welp, here we are again. I was told that last weeks run was a great one! Everyone went ahead and ran 20k together, you guys are nuts… but yeah! This was great to hear while I was over in Ireland NOT running on Sunday. being told that everyone ran 20k on Sunday, while I was in a pub being lazy provided me with instant shame. I will have to make amends this weekend…
Before I get to the routes I wanna mention a few things:

First, Thanks to all that have entered a photo into the “Snow way i’m running in that!” contest. It has been extended until December 2nd at midnight, so get your entries in! This is literally the easiest way to win some free shoes of your choice. Saucony has been kind enough to give us a free pair of shoes to whomever wins the contest. so enter enter enter!

Second, This Wednesday December 5th Is the Tech Shops first “Chilli Run”!! This is bound to be a fun night, go for a run and eat some chilli… and then big discounts on merchandise in the store! rsvp to calgary@thetechshop.ca

Third, Tomorrow (December 1st) kicks of Strides running stores “Streak”. This is a challenge to runners to run 1 mile a day, every day in decemeber. great fun, great people, great prizes! check out the fb page: http://www.facebook.com/events/547597228589204/ . Tomorrow will be a run and then free coffee… I do not see the downside! 9am.

Last, if anybody has recently bought a new pair of shoes or has been running the last few months in a new pair OR just love their shoes. Talk to Ryan before/after/during the run. A new idea……


I’ll keep this one short. We will be starting at Canmore Park in the NW (some know this as north capitol hill), in the parking lot beside the tennis courts. We will then set out on our usual distances (robots going a bit farther). Bandits, the end of campus and back! Monstars, The baseball diamond at the start of blood and guts! Robots, the bridge and back! This weeks runs will be very cool and the elevation differences on the robots run is going to be nuts! So come out and enjoy.
See you all soon,